OUR UNIQUE METHODOLOGY: Action Reflection Learning

Action Reflection Learning (ARL) is a unique learning methodology based on powerful learning principles that make the developmental experiences both engaging and relevant. Importantly, the learning is highly applicable to the organizational context and is easily transferred into the day-to-day life of teams and leaders.

Once you have experienced ARL, training will never be the same because it means you learn while working on your real, current business challenges. That is why we say “We develop your leaders while they develop your business.”


  1. Relevance

    Learning is maximized when its contents are relevant to the participants. We make Just-in-time-learning interventions.
  2. Tacit Knowledge

    Participants bring more knowledge than they imagine they have. We help them tap into that wisdom which is a product of their own experiences.
  3. Social Learning

    Learning multiplies when we share and exchange challenges and results with others. We deliberately provide opportunities to do so.
  4. Self-Awareness

    When we understand ourselves, our interactions with others improve dramatically. We offer multiple exercises to gain insight and increase people’s self-understanding.
  5. Reflection

    We need to pause in order to extract learning from our actions. Our interventions consistently include opportunities to pause and reflect
  6. Learning Facilitator

    Learning is enhanced by experts in learning. Our certified Learning Coaches design and facilitate developmental sessions with high impact.
  7. Repetition and Reinforcement

    Skills and behavioral changes need practice, and appreciative reinforcement. LIM Learning Coaches design interventions so participants can practice, get feedback and above all, feel supported in their personal learning journey.
  8. Uncovering mental models

    To modify behaviors is the ultimate goal of learning. But to do so, we first need to identify our mental models and maps that keep us anchored. The ARL-based session design provides creative stimuli to challenge and shift our paradigms.
  9. Integral

    We are a combination of mind, body, feelings and spirit, and when all these aspects are addressed, we are able to express ourselves in a holistic and powerful manner. We create superlearning states by integrating all these dimensions into our sessions.
  10. Systemic

    Understanding the interconnections of all stakeholders and all parts of a system allows us to expand our thinking and make better decisions. LIM Learning Coaches apply this principle in all our interventions.

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